Meals By Maddie

Customized meals, cooked and delivered,
to help you hit your exact target goal. 

Hi guys! A huge part of my fitness and nutrition story came from creating Meals by
Maddie four years ago, so I wanted to talk to you about my story. 

 I started my fitness and health journey five years ago at one of my local gyms back home. They had a 6 Week Program and and that is how I started my weight loss journey! 

When the challenge was over, I found myself wanting to continue to eat right healthy so I could get the best results possible. This is where I begin my journey to becoming a licensed nutritionist.

How Do the Meals Work?

 We have a face to face consultation or via Facetime/Video to chat to talk about your personal goals and what you are looking for via meal prep.

My meal service is different in the respect that I am not only here to cook for my clients but to 
make sure that they are successful and getting the right push that they need to lose weight, maintain, or gain muscle in the healthiest way possible!


The meals are $10-$15 depending on the specification and complexity of the meals, macros, and a number of other factors involved.

I am currently accepting a few new clients who are ready to commit and want to see change or
live a healthy lifestyle 

Dishes Include:


 Fill out the form and we will contact you to see if Meals by Maddie can help you achieve your goals.