About Maddie

Maddie Moore was born and raised in St. Louis, MO.

After college, despite being healthy all her life, Maddie gained 40 lbs due to working extremely long hours at her job which caused her self esteem to tank and falling into depression.

She joined a local gym and promised herself she would hit her weight loss goals by making sure her diet matched her nutrition.

After losing the 40 pounds she had gained, Maddie fell in love with helping people experience the joy she had regained with her weight loss and healthy diet. 

This is where her  Precision Nutrition and Sports Exercise lifestyle coaching began. Now 4 years and over 100 private nutrition clients later, she moved to Los Angeles to further her dream to help as many people regain the healthy lifestyle they once had. 

Maddie’s meals are prepared specifically to match her clients’ personal health goals i.e. weight loss, maintaining or gaining muscle, and for overall health. 

She also has decided to make her high end coaching programs available for anyone who is interested in starting a new, healthier lifestyle. 

“Today I like to use my journey and the body shaming I have endured over the years to promote and create self love for  female and male empowerment and to positively help provide the tools to make people’s journey’s easier so they have the confidence they truly deserve!”.




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